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He’s back on the show for a second time, after starting out as a part time trader (ep108), who would have thought that he’d be managing funds, funded at a prop firm and working for a hedge fund… and all in 18 months!

What a success story. But was it all sunshine and roses?

To find out how Cas Daamen managed to break the back of retail trading and head into the big time, take a gander below.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[09:39] Once you stop improving, there will be a time when your strategy will perform less.

[12:10] You really have to be very confident in your ability because trading other people’s money is really different from just your own account.

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[19:17] Don’t just sign up for a prop firm like… actually find one that fits with you because you have to follow the rules, if you don’t, you’re out.

[29:16] No matter what strategy you trade, there will be a period where your strategy is not in-synced with the market.

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[32:16] Be confident of what you do. If your strategy, if it all works, be confident in it.

[36:38] Everyone that’s struggling right now, ask yourself, “do I actually have a trading plan?”

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