cam hawkinsWith over 152 episodes hitting the airwaves I thought it was about time for another update at this turning point in my own trading career.

What’s changed?

  1. I’ve added not only a trading mentor, but a mindset coach to my arsenal
  2. He’s made a fundamental shift in my focus which has resulted in an immediate change in my trading results

In this update I talk about how you can use congruence to shift your trading results, some of the changes in my trading results and a couple of other interesting things I’ve recently purchased which might help enhance your lives.

On Congruence & Trading

To be honest, I had to look the word up after my mindset coach first mentioned it, but I understood what he was talking about immediately.

In short, it’s all about approaching trading from a place of harmony.

My approach was coming from a place of fear. Why fear? Well, simply put I felt pressure to make it as a trader for my listeners and readers… for you!

I know I’m in the position now where I can read a price chart and know where to enter, but I was undermining things. Usually after I had a good run of trades, or trading days. My emotions would take over and ‘boom’ there goes another account – down to revenge trading, over leverage, not following rules… you name it.

So, what did I change? And what happened after I made the shift?

Listen to the interview and you’ll find out 😉

2 Things That Might Improve Your Life

I’m 42 and don’t need much more in my life. I’m pretty happy with everything I own, and don’t buy that much.

But when I find something new and interesting that might help improve my life or solve a problem in a unique way… I’m usually getting the credit card out and ordering right away.

The first thing I want to share with you (completely unrelated to trading) is something that may help improve your health, or your families heath.

In fact, the reviews of this product talked about how it was great for those recovering from Chemotherapy.

It’s basically a community of fungi (mushroom extract) in a capsule.

Let’s face it, we probably don’t get that much fungus in our diet – let alone good fungi. These capsules solve that problem and the reviews show that people who take them tend to have stronger immunity and get less colds etc…

It’s been created by fungi expert, Paul Stamets, and is called Fungi Perfecti Host Defense MyCommunity (yes, it’s a strange name).

You can get hold of them from Amazon here:

Now, the next up is something one of the founding members of Facebook uses daily and takes everywhere.

I first heard him mention it in a unique book – in fact I heard about the mushroom pills in the same book.

When he described it it sounded so weird and unbelievable that I had to google it to see what it looked like and how on earth it could be less than $50.

Here’s how I would describe it:

  • A tool that helps you massage your own back and neck with full pressure – just like you were using your own hands

Sounds unreal right… well here it is:

The back buddy – mine hasn’t arrived yet, but is due tomorrow. I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter what it’s like.

As I mentioned, I heard about both of these from a book. To find out what the book’s called take a listen to the episode above.

My results

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