nick bencinoAfter Nick’s correct Bitcoin forecast (his prediction had Bitcoin hitting $7,000 in November), I decided to get Forex and Cryptocurrency trading expert, Nick Bencino, back on the show to ask him all about trading Bitcoin, investing in ICO’s and the future of Cryptocurrencies.

Nick’s Bitcoin Prediction:

Nick bought his first Bitcoin back in 2013 when it was just a few bucks. Unfortunately, he didn’t hold onto it. Now’s he back into it and has been trading Bitcoin for the past 9 months (which I considered ‘expert’ status given how young this industry is).

While this episode doesn’t follow my normal format, I get to dig deep and ask Nick how he trades Bitcoin for profit and he literally tells you everything, minus the kitchen sink. He’s also just launched his new crypto trading website for crypto noobs.

In this Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency trading exclusive, you’ll discover:

  • What makes Bitcoin soar massively
  • How the “big institutions” are trading Bitcoin and how that affects price
  • The most important factor that has a huge impact in trading Cryptocurrency
  • The best places to get Cryptocurrency news alerts
  • A fantastic mobile app every Crypto trader should consider
  • The perfect strategy for Bitcoin trading
  • Great spots to invest your Bitcoins
  • Safer Cryptocurrencies to you may consider trading
  • The big negative of trading Bitcoin
  • How Nick trades and invests Bitcoin (it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself)
  • Great insight into when you should exit all of your Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrency) positions

Oh, and keep an ear out for a special “Bitcoin Song”, courtesy of my wife 🙂

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