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Just when you think you’ve heard every trading style there is… you meet Avery Horton (aka The Rumpled One).

With a mathematical background Avery was able to unpack the Forex markets using probability based logic.

Plus, he discovered 3 types of Zones I bet you’ve never heard of before… Including “The Rat Zone”.

But not everyone liked it.

He was banned from almost every trading forum on the internet, from Forex Factory to Baby Pips… These days he’s only allowed on one.

To hear his amazing story and learn how he reads the Fx market… Tune in below.

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

YouTube – TheRumpledOne

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Animals in Translation by Catherine Johnson
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Avery’s Trading Videos

Key Lessons

[06:23] You really have to figure things out for yourself rather than follow the crowd because usually they lead you astray.

[07:23] Not all indicators are created equally because I’ve written probably close to a thousand (if not more) indicators for various platforms, trade station, e-signal, and now MT4.

[09:10] I reckon, if I buy somewhere near at the open price, I can make money and that’s when the buy zone was born.

[10:26] Every time I listen to somebody else or kind of took my eye off the ball, that’s when I lose money.

[17:12] I write indicators and post them for free.

[21:23] Buy zone has about a 66%-win rate.

[23:15] I learned to only trade in one direction.

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[23:20] Most people think you either buy or you sell, but no, you either buy, sell, or you pass.

[23:41] There are animals who use up a lot of energy. They hit 60/70 miles an hour, they can only do that once or twice before they’re done. So they make sure they’re gonna make that kill. Same thing with trading, it’s mostly waiting.

[24:56] If you only trade in one direction on a pair, you shouldn’t miss the big run.

[29:12] You really need to focus, and you need to reduce the variables – you have one method and you have one instrument that you decide on.

[30:27] You’re not trading charts like trading baseball cards. No, you are trading price and price is the same on all charts.

[30:56] There’s only one true chart and that’s the one-tick chart, everything else is data compression.

[31:47] My rule of thumb is: I don’t trade against the one-hour candle color.

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[34:22] Price moves the same no matter what chart you have on the screen.

[37:54] You can’t control whether you get an opportunity to take profit.

[41:30] Whatever your routine is, you just keep it going as you get in the game.

[47:50] If you pick a method, you gotta find the pair that works with the method.

[55:08] You pick your method, you focus on it.

[58:40] Trading is so simple. It’s basically you wait for an entry, you enter, you wait for an exit, you exit. That’s all you can do.

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