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Arman Sangha, a day trader from the UK, has done the unthinkable by becoming probably the first trader to gain over $1 million in prop firm funding by the age of 19.

Now, if you think that’s out of this world, then what he did next will blow your mind.

He was able to make consistent withdrawals for over 1 year and is still making them to this day (even having to navigate the My Forex Funds debacle).

To find out exactly how Arman achieved this level of success in such a short period of time, as well as how he sees the price chart differently from almost every other guest I’ve had on the show… tune in below.

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Key Lessons

[18:34] Every business is endless. It’s a problem that you are trying to solve and the more time you spend on it, the faster you would solve it.

[25:18] You got to adapt your system to the markets as you go forward.

[43:22] If you’re not happy with the way you’re living right now, you’re going to either make it happen or you’re not going to make it happen.

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[43:57] Most people just don’t try hard enough. They’re looking for the secret strategy online. They’re looking for the easy way to make money.

[45:54] The best indicator is your brain because it actually learns along the way.

[46:19] Stick to good risk management and simple trading knowledge.

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[48:59] Even if you don’t feel motivated, you just need to do stuff sometimes because no one else around the way you’re going to be, they’re screwed.

[52:32] The goal is to win so if you never give up, you never lose.

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