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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months you’ve spent at least a few weeks in lockdown (and let’s face it, living under a rock is about the same).

But what did you do to improve your trading during that time?

Anthony Navarro did one important thing (that you’ll find out in the interview), and that’s all he needed to go from “up and down” trader to full time profitable trader and popular TradingView author.

Make sure you watch his back testing video after the interview. You’ll not only learn a new strategy and an excellent way to back test it.

Podcast Interview


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Anthony’s Trading Concept

Key Lessons

[08:45] You got to put the time and love in to whatever it is you want to learn.

[11:35] Someone just really has to give themselves the time they need to absorb the information and then apply, apply, apply.

[12:42] To backtest a system, you need a system that has rules.

[19:19] Don’t worry about the losses because that’s the part of doing business.

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[20:49] If you follow the rules and you set your goals, 9/10 it’s going to work out.

[43:14] Trading is a trade that you learn from doing, like carpentry.

[47:23] If you have a system that works and you work the system, you’ll be successful at whatever it is.

[48:18] Don’t trade what you feel, trade what you see.

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[48:48] The hardest thing about trading is becoming a trader.

[55:36] Don’t judge a trade. Don’t try to out-trade a trade. Take every trade that meets your rules.

[55:43] If the system works, work the system.

[56:21] When you know you have a system with an edge, trade it.

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