andy demiAndy Demi loves the idea of being able to trade anywhere in the world. His passion for trading started when he was still studying at Reading University in the UK. After leaving he believed trading was what he wanted to do. He did the research, attended free seminars, whatever it took to equip himself with the knowledge he needed.

After eventually finding his rhythm with Supply & Demand trading. Andy still had a few issues to fix. Highlighted by draining a 6-figure account to just £30,000.

However, being very determined, he still believed he would bounce back. And after learning from his big mistake, eventually found his feet again and hasn’t looked back since.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The power of having a vision and a plan
  • A good recommendation for traders
  • A valuable lesson you’ll learn in trading
  • What you really need to learn in order to succeed in trading
  • A wonderful tip to having a systematic approach
  • How you can manage all of your active trades easily
  • The success routine most successful people do
  • Andy’s Cryptocurrency insights
  • Wonderful advice for traders who have day jobs
  • A recommended app for meditation
  • A full Supply & Demand trading strategy

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