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17 year Forex veteran Andrew Mitchem comes on the show for a second time. I can’t believe the first was 5 years ago (episode 36 of 52 Traders) and the level of detail Andrew shares today will hopefully blow your mind.

Andrew not only holds the title of oldest repeat guest, but also the title of being the guest who lives closest to Trading Nut HQ.

In the interview you’ll learn the thinking behind the trading and in the chart walkthrough you’ll learn the detailed mechanics.

What you’ll also discover is how Andrew has automated virtually all of his system. And how he’s made that available for traders to easily copy and adapt themselves. It’s called TFTC Pattern Trader.

And if you join Andrew’s TFTC Pattern Trader using my affiliate link I’ll send you a copy of Andrew’s first interview completely free.

Podcast Interview


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Andrew’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[14:29] Not every engulfing candle is a setup.

[18:31] The vast majority of the time a trade will pull back and get you filled.

[21:40] If you trade the setup, the actual timeframe you trade, the currency pair you trade, the direction you trade, doesn’t really matter.

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[28:23] It’s important that people have that consistency in their approach.

[29:27] Treat every single trade like it’s a business.

[33:06] In terms of the actual practical trading, the money management is a big thing that sounds boring but massively under-estimated.

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[36:40] The community is a big thing. That helps emotion.

[41:47] Find a system or strategy or someone who you think you can work with that has that kind of style of trading.

[42:06] Seeking someone to help shortcut is a great investment.

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