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There’s something to be said for taking the tried and tested route in life.

I did it for 25 years before taking the plunge on my own. But fear of the unknown held me back for years.

Aman Birajdar, did it for 10 years. He then found Forex and shortly after found success and a way to generate enough income to sustain a lifestyle outside of the daily rat race.

Today you get to hear his story and learn a thing or 3 about how he sees the market.

Podcast Interview


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Aman’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[07:40] The biggest risk in your life is not to take a risk.

[12:12] Trading is a long-term game. It’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

[14:24] The lower the timeframe the more noise you’ll find in the market.

[30:39] Always trade zone to zone. If you enter middle of the zone, there’s 90% chance that you’re going to lose money.

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[30:58] Stop jumping from strategy to strategy.

[31:01] There’s no such thing as a bad strategy or good strategy.

[32:32] Before you buy or sell something, a currency or any asset, you need to know the fundamentals of that country, what’s happening over there.

[33:22] Money management is very, very important.

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[33:45] Believe in yourself. There’s nothing impossible in this world.

[33:49] Don’t give up, stick to the strategy that makes money for you and just rinse and repeat.

[35:14] When you decide to become a trader, you need to take risks.

[37:11] Look at the chart as a naked chart. Don’t use any indicators.

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