Cam HawkinsReaching a goal is always a good time for reflection, and that’s exactly what I did after clicking “End call” on my 52nd interview.

I had set myself the challenge of one trader per week for a full year. And, although I met my quota, it took me a little longer than expected.

To get my thoughts in order, I decided to create a short eBook outlining 52 lessons I gleaned after interviewing 52 successful traders.

To get hold of my 52 Lessons, simply leave your email below to download the eBook.

More good news…

Now I’m here at 53 traders, I’m happy I did it and can say I really enjoyed the experience. So much so that I want to keep the show going!

Those of you who were worried it was going off air… You can rest easy knowing that it’s here to stay.

Anyway, let’s get on with this weeks show (with special guest Harllan Dale – from episode 48) where we discuss some of the 52 lessons I reveal in the ebook.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below…

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