Samuel Leach is a 26 year old UK-based trader. He started trading Forex at the age of 18 during university and now runs a large trading business comprising of trading floors in UK, South Africa, and soon Canada.

During his university studies, he managed to turn a 2k account into 170k, using hedging as the main strategy. To this day, hedging is a big part of his trading systems.

Despite being so young Samuel worked for a private fund for a while, then started his own company and now teaches people to trade and is actively trading his own accounts. He’s a strong believer that the right mindset to trading is the key to success.

In the show Samuel shares:

  • His approach to risk
  • A trading system that can be used for traders who have a day job
  • What traders should focus on when starting to trade
  • What it eventually took for him to trade successfully
  • Why a proper mindset is key to trading

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