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After interviewing Raul Gonzales at the age of 21, I thought there was no way I would find a younger trader who was profitable.

Then I met Philip Blom. At just 15 years of age (having started trading at 13) he (in my view) holds the title of “World’s Youngest Profitable Forex Trader”.

Yes, you might be thinking “This is impossible, where’s his track record?”. Well, to be fair, at the age of 15 you’re not going to have a very long track record. It’s just not possible. So, to help Philip claim this fictitious title I thought we’d run a couple of tests. The first demonstration is in the video we shot after the interview below. You’ll see Philip break down a recent trade.

In the show Philip recommends new traders check out a past guest of my show, Nick Shawn ep39 and ep04. So I asked Nick to come on a live webinar with Philip and get them both to break down some trades for us. You can check out that video on this page!

So, what are you waiting for!?! Dive in below…

Podcast Interview


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Philp Reveals His “Simple” Trading System

Philp’s “Golden Zone” Trading Strategy

Bonus Webinar – Phil Battles Nick Shawn

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Key Lessons

[11:45] As a beginner, you can just look at the charts and you can start seeing so many patterns.

[12:03] The only thing I had back then was €200 which was on my trading account, so I did not have any money to buy courses, mostly I had to learn by myself.

[13:04] Combine everything you know to make a good strategy.

[14:14] I had a trading journal where I put down everything useful.

[15:14] It’s just not realistic to trade demo unless you treat it realistically.

[15:40] You’re not trading like a disciplined trader when you’re on demo.

Philip Blom Quote 2

[17:25] You need to spend a lot of time on the charts.

[18:08] A lot of traders (new traders), they have problem with overtrading. I did as well. That also got me in trouble with my account.

[23:48] I’m trying to adapt to all market conditions.

[24:26] You need to be able to be profitable without indicators to apply them.

[24:47] I think you should learn pure price action.

[25:20] Pay attention to the fundamentals.

Philip Blom Quote 3

[26:08] Sometimes I try to avoid big fundamental news or high-impact news, or sometimes I tried to use them to my advantage.

[27:34] When you spend X amount of hours on the chart, you will start to notice some things on yourself.

[28:33] I think you should focus on, as a beginner, to trade with the trend.

[29:52] A huge part of my trading success comes down to the Fibonacci retracement.

[31:15] Remove all emotions from your trading and if you do feel emotionally attached to your trade, that’s just a sign that you’re taking too big positions.

[34:10] If you wanna be a professional trader, you need to treat this like a business and you need to have a plan when comes to all sorts of things.

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