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When I asked past guest Lorenzo Corrado who he’d recommend I get on the show, he had no hesitation putting forward fellow Bali ex-Pat Lewis Kelly, who just happens to be a Smart Money trader, and a damn good one at that.

After turning his back on semi professional football in the UK, Lewis knew his life was meant for more. You’ll find out today how he was able to master trading on the right side of the smart money through some unusual mindset methods. Methods I can guarantee you haven’t heard on this show before.

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After the interview we shot a short video where Lewis showed a trade that he had just taken. I was able to give you an update on how his trade played out… you’ll be surprised… very surprised!

Podcast Interview


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The Market Makers Matrix by Evan Christopher

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Key Lessons

[13:26] The markets work how they work. Smart money is just one way in which to read that footprint.

[16:04] The purpose of the market is just to capture liquidity.

[30:44] The higher timeframe is the strongest day or reference to where price is going.

[34:31] You have to fail and that failure caused the pain to then reflect on why you failed and that’s how you progress.

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[34:52] Don’t allow your ego to take over and go straight for $200k challenge because you’re so caught up in greed and you think you’re going to make 6 figures in your first ever trading month.

[35:05] If you are going to start your prop firm, start on smaller account to make sure you can pass the challenge.

[38:19] We create our own reality based off our thoughts and emotions.

[40:23] Your routine speaks massively of the results that you’re going to get.

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[45:37] The ego sees losing money as a death.

[53:51] If you don’t have a trading plan, every trade you’ve taken is a failed trade.

[54:55] Literally, the key is 100% meditation.

[55:42] You need to take yourself out of the past or the future and bring yourself into the present moment which is the now moment and in that moment that’s when you’ll be able to have an edge psychologically over the market and over yourself.

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