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Former 52 Traders guest and a robot trader from Ireland, Ivo Luhse, started his trading journey back in 2006 as a manual Forex trader. He was mentored by Andrew Mitchem, was also on the 52 Traders podcast, where he learned the technical strategies of trading he uses today.

By 2012, he became consistent and made trading his full-time career. And by automating the strategy he’d learnt, he was able to skyrocket his profits and dominated four different markets with a clever technology hack that you’ll hear about in today’s show.

Currently, Ivo’s developing his own trading bot platform to even make his approach to trading more convenient and even easier to execute.

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Ivo’s Proven Fibonacci & Bollinger Band Strategy Revealed (Live Account)

After the show Ivo walked me through one of the strategies his robots trade.

The beauty of this is that he was showing me his live account with real numbers churning away in the terminal. This is a rarity in the Forex industry. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Key Lessons

  • [07:07] Why do I need to do all the work myself if I can get the bots do those things for me?
  • [09:50] You need to look at quite a lot of stuff to have good consistency.
  • [11:14] If you’re gonna trade day in and day out, it has to make sense to you.
  • [11:41] It’s really, really important to continue using the same strategy.
  • [15:37] For the next 10 – 20 years we could use the bots as tools and enhance them along with our knowledge.
  • [16:06] I don’t allow my bots to trade automatically.
  • [21:20] The only way you can get the experience is when you actually go on a trade and press the button saying yes or no.
  • [23:17] Blackbox trading doesn’t work anymore.
  • [29:31] Bitcoin is designed to be slow. This is its main protection mechanism.
  • [34:11] If you have Bitcoin then definitely just hold on to it.

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Ivo’s Trading

  • He’s a robot trader
  • He trades Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptos
  • He uses the same robot patterns for his trades
  • He has more that 120 robot strategies running on multiple charts
  • He’s been using the same strategy since 2012
  • He uses bots to scan the market, to find patterns, and to manage his trades
  • He doesn’t allow his bots to trade automatically
  • He doesn’t have a problem taking 10 losing trades
  • His mentor is Andrew Mitchem
  • He doesn’t care where Bitcoin’s going to go because all he does is trade the volatility
  • He makes more money trading Cryptos than Currencies
  • He’s currently developing his own trading bot platform

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