conrad alvin limConrad Alvin Lim is an educator and has a thing or two to say about trading psychology. He trades the US Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Options, and Currencies.

Conrad became interested in trading whilst in the media industry, back in 1997. And in 2004, decided to give it a real go.

He learned from some of the best teachers in the industry including, past guest, Larry Williams.

Later on, Conrad became a successful trader and has published his first top-selling book: Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of learning Economics as a trader
  • A simple trading strategy that works
  • The most important area you need to focus on
  • Most traders fear this and why you should not
  • The reason why most traders decided to master Trading Psychology last
  • How technology is used against retail traders
  • What differentiates “trading” over “investing
  • The reason why you should not buy cheap stocks
  • The best way to apply your stops
  • How to know if you found a system that’s right for you
  • 10 trading rules that you should never break
  • Conrad’s Cryptocurrency insights

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