CamIt’s been a few months since my last trading update, but this one is special. Why? Because I share:

  • 169 trades I’ve taken since June
  • How I blew yet another account
  • Why I found it so hard to stick to my trading plan
  • My crazy discretionary trading strategy (more like ‘no strategy’)
  • My winning, by losing, strategy

But all is not lost… I was able to bring Andre Stewart on the show to help analyze my trades and where it all went wrong (and boy did it all go wrong).

We made a full video recording of the session we did, so if you join as a pro member you’ll get to see we’re talk about on the chart.

Regardless, you should still get a lot of value from the audio version of the show which is “on the house” today.


Cam’s Trade Analysis with Andre Stewart

Cam’s Statement

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