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Evolution is an amazing thing. Insects, animals, plants, bacteria… even traders, all go through an evolutionary process and today you get to see the traders evolutionary process first hand.

We hear from Aaron Oetting, an aspiring stock trader we’ve followed since the start of the year. He’s been mentored by professional stock trader and coach Jerremy Newsome with the goal of helping Aaron become profitable within a year.

Did Aaron achieve the goal of being a consistently profitable trader? Listen below to find out…

Podcast Interview


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Aaron’s Video of the Week

Key Lessons

[09:32] You really have to find a system and a pattern that fits your personality and what time you have.

[18:40] This gap trading, you can go long or short.

[19:57] In the morning I would spend like five to ten minutes just going “You’re a good trader, you’re gonna make good trades!”

[25:20] I can’t keep doing what works in a bull market … when it’s a bear market.

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[27:27] You can go against the overall market but you’re already limiting your odds to start out with.

[31:11] The long term plan, I think, if you’re gonna make money you probably need to know how to do stock market stuff.

[34:46] Quantifying emotions in the numbers which is how anyone feels about the particular stock and then figuring out how you feel about how other people feel is fun! It’s ultimately a game!

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[35:18] I’m totally hooked toward probably doing this for the next 40 years.

[36:28] Don’t be afraid to reach out and learn from other people.

[36:44] Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different stuff.

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