52 traders market predictionThe astronomical rise of Bitcoin, along with releases of dozens of Alt Coins and ICO’s, in 2017 has made it hard to tell where Cryptocurrencies will head in 2018 (other than up).

Or so we thought.

I’m releasing these predictions a little later than I had hoped. At the time of writing Bitcoin is back at $8,000, after swinging from $20k to $6k.

The mum and dad investors who jumped on to ride the BTC wave to $100k have been scalped by the “smart money” that’s now trading crypto.

Speaking of Smart Money, let’s hear their Bitcoin, ETH and other predictions for 2018.

Please note: The predictions below are for educational and entertainment purposes only, they are not financial advice and should not be used to make financial decisions of any kind.

(New) 2018 Cryptocurrency Predictions

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple
Dale’s Cryptocurrency Portfolio for 2018

By Trader Dale of Trader-Dale.com

trader daleEven if you really like cryptocurrencies and you see a bright future for them it is not really a good idea to just buy a bunch of them and wait and pray. There is much more clever way to invest in cryptos. It also offers a much bigger gain potential.

The main idea is to determine strong support/resistance zones on a high timeframe chart (for example daily chart) and wait there with your limit orders and with predetermined money management.

I personally find the best support/resistance zones with Volume Profile tool which helps to identify institutional trading activity.

Bitcoin: Waiting for a Complex Retracement Before a Buy Signal

By Rob Colville of TheLazyTrader.com

rob colvilleIn this video, you will discover:

  • Why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin any time soon
  • The technical argument for why a sharp correction is potentially just around the corner!
  • How far we think Bitcoin will fall
  • Ultra-efficient buy levels
  • The specific buy signals we are looking out for before going long
  • The looming long-term buy set up with jaw-dropping profit potential

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