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Yiannis (aka the Conscious Trader), successfully transitioned from rubbing shoulders with the worlds elite athletes into the world of Forex trading.

Drawing inspiration from past guests such as The Scruffy Trader, Yiannis embarked on a transformative journey by and eventually took ICT’s free 2022 mentorship program.

Through a meticulous fusion of his acquired knowledge and personal expertise, he developed an exceptional trading style that has consistently made bank day in, day out (without a blip) since the beginning of this year.

Today, we have the privilege of delving into Yiannis’ captivating story and unveiling his unique trading strategy in an insightful interview and trading strategy reveal video.

Podcast Interview


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Interview Link

Instagram – @theconscious.daytrader
YouTube – @theconsciousdaytrader

Recommended Book

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Yiannis’ Trading Strategy


Broker & Platform

Yannis’ recommended Forex Broker & Platform

Key Lessons

[12:41] You have to become your very own trader.

[13:28] With tight stops, you have to be extremely good at finding the best entry.

[34:29] You have to understand the market. The market moves like a wave.

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[37:03] Like repositioning, plan for the worst. Have a big buffer in the account.

[41:39] You don’t know what the move is going to be so you have to adapt every day differently.

[43:45] The best feeling in the world when you know you changed people’s lives.

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[45:27] When you have the negative thought coming in, stop it and replace it with something that you want.

[51:11] Don’t try and copy traders. Learn from traders but become your own trader.

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