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The Travelling Trader (Zee Brazil) made an earlier start than most in his education and experience as a trader. Falling in love with the markets in his teens, Zee has been lucky enough to experience working life in a proprietary trading firm, and moved on from there to eventually find his success while working in software development as a coder. To find out how on earth he did it, you’ll have to listen to our interview where he covers his life as a crypto and stock options trader.

After the interview remember to watch the charting video where Zee gives you his simple “Flush” entry technique that’ll get you in and out of the markets before lunch – depending on where you live, that is 😉

Podcast Interview


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Zee’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[06:50] If you want to expose your kids to the stock market, get them invested in shares of things that they’re into, at that time.

[10:18] Make sure that you get with communities that do the same thing that you do because you’ll learn from each other much quicker.

[12:18] No matter how much you practice, when it’s game time, it’s a completely different scenario.

[20:47] The chart is what dictates whether the momentum is going in a certain direction and also dictates the levels at which there is support and resistance.

[22:12] You have to fall in love with the process and don’t look at someone’s finished product. Talk with them about the grind that it took to get them there.

[30:41] It’s very easy to manipulate bitcoin. You see that all the time.

[34:00] Unless you are trading a derivative on Forex, you have to commit a lot of money in order to make incremental gain.

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[36:01] With options trading, your “bread and butter” is made with liquidity.

[37:07] There are a lot of options traders that only trade index options.

[37:58] It’s very easy nowadays to find tickers to trade. It’s all based on liquidity.

[42:19] There is not a substitute for building a quality, long-term portfolio.

[42:41] Building a long-term portfolio alongside whatever you are doing is a must.

[43:33] Trade alongside what conforms to your lifestyle and to your timing availability.

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[45:28] Don’t intermix your long-term position and short-term one.

[46:39] It’s very easy to apply short-term sentiments to your long-term positions.

[47:21] Plan your trades, trade your plan.

[48:06] Activity does not equal productivity. A lot of times the most productive thing that you can do is sit out.

[49:46] Don’t bet on “end-of-the-world” scenarios.

[55:59] Before you click the buy button, know exactly why you’re doing it and say it out loud.

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