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We all started somewhere and Tay Evan’s started at Uber Eats. But when he wasn’t delivering food he found time to read a chart or 10. After being introduced to trading through a chance meeting with a successful trader who happened to have married into the family, Tay took the bull by the horns (excuse the pun) and found his own way in the markets. Leading him to be consistently profitable in, not just Forex, but Stock Options as well.

For a motivational boost and some great trading education, take a listen to this interview and then check out his video where you’ll see how he trades (step-by-step) using key levels and zones.

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

YouTube – DLE Trades
Instagram – @dletrades

Recommended Book

Investing in Gold & Silver For Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic

Broker & Platform

TD Ameritrade


Tay’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[09:22] If you don’t know how to manage your risk on every single trade, you are not going to make it with trading at all.

[10:44] Manage your risk, trade accordingly, don’t over-trade, and you can make money.

[17:25] There are no day trading limitations with Forex.

[17:34] The strategy that you can use with Forex, you can apply it with Stocks as well.

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[18:12] If you don’t know how to manage your risk, you will not make it in trading.

[20:17] When you over-trade, it can affect your mind. If you’re over-leveraged in a position, you might think it’s going to go against you.

[26:10] You’re not going to grow when you’re over-trading.

[29:17] Money comes to those who wait. You have to wait for these setups.

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[31:26] Always protect your risk. If you do not protect your risk, you will not make it in trading.

[35:55] If you want to make it in this business, educate yourself.

[42:52] If you are a greedy trader, you’re not going to make it in this market. You have to know how to manage your risk.

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