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Someone had to win. And taking out top spot in the first ever Trading Nut Funded Cup (sponsored by City Traders Imperium Funded Trader Program), Steve Young destroyed the competition by winning with 94% return after 45 days and beating 2nd place by a clear 30%.

What might surprise you most, is that Steve only started trading Forex and NAS100 at the start of the pandemic… Yes, only 2 and a bit years ago. So, how long did he need to be consistently profitable to win a 45 day challenge against 3000 other traders with risk limitations in place to boot! Well, you can find out in this weeks episode.

Plus you get to learn the NAS100 trading strategy he used in his rise to be the best!

And while you’re listening be sure to register for July’s cup here.

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Steve’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[15:46] The biggest thing we can do is listen to people’s stories at the beginning [of their journey].

[15:52] No matter who you are and what strategy you have, you’re going to lose money at the beginning, lose a little bit less, go to breakeven, and make a little bit until you finally make a lot.

[21:26] If you’re thinking about swinging a trade for like 5 days, you can get a much higher reward-to-risk ratio with currencies if you do it right.

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[22:17] You have to have the bigger picture to know what you’re looking for.

[22:35] You’ll see what’s happening on the 1-minute a lot easier than you see what’s happening on the 30-minute candle.

[37:47] It’s very difficult to grow a small account to make money from trading when you’re trying to use that money to pay bills.

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[37:54] You could be good at trading, have a good strategy, but everybody knows how mental, how psychological trading is.

[40:20] Don’t abandon your family. Don’t put success over your family. Put your family first.

[41:17] The biggest challenge is not getting in a trade and being in profit. The biggest challenge is knowing when to exit.

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