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It was a pleasure having Steve Ruffley on the show. Especially given the fact that Steve had been away from a few years, topped off by being a New Zealand based trader (making it super easy to find a time for our call).

Steve comes with experience and a CV most retail traders could only dream of. Not only working as a Chief Market Strategies, he’s also written his own trading book and features on the likes of FxStreet regularly.

Now, while I did my best to get the most out of Steve, I’m sure there’s a question or 10 you want answered.

The good news is that Steve has kindly offered to host a series of Q&A’s for the channel… To get your question answered, simply email it to

Podcast Interview


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Recommended Book

The Ruff Guide to Trading by Steve Ruffley

Broker & Platform

BlackBull Markets
MetaTrader 4

Steve’s Trading Strategy

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Key Lessons

[16:26] There’s a lot of different ways to make money from trading.

[19:37] You have to be prepared, you have to have a plan, and you have to understand what you’re doing.

[21:05] It’s a big thing that when you are a trader, that most people forget, is that the market will offer you a chance to get out.

[21:50] The most criminal thing the average retail trader does is leaving money on the table.

[22:49] The more pain you take, the more you’re going to get out.

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[34:43] There’s no right or wrong way to trading.

[44:25] It’s not just having that idea and then trading something because that’s your idea, it’s how that move is formed.

[46:36] With big size comes big rewards.

[49:43] This is what power you have as a trader when you have that confidence and control over what you do.

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[50:40] It is all mental. All you do is click a button.

[50:47] It’s really understanding what you want to get out of trading.

[55:44] If you don’t have some framework then, you’re going to end up being in trouble with this market.

[58:04] If you don’t have a plan, you will never succeed in trading.

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