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Introducing Scott Taylor, a remarkable individual who has navigated the demands of an incredibly busy lifestyle. With his ownership of a thriving Gym and the responsibility of caring for four young children, coupled with his unwavering ambition to excel as a Forex trader, one might perceive an insurmountable challenge.

However, Scott defied the odds and forged a path towards triumph in his trading pursuits, ultimately embracing the acclaimed ICT style of trading.

Today, we have the privilege of delving into Scott’s extraordinary journey, discovering how he conquered the constraints of time and other formidable pressures to achieve remarkable success.

Additionally, during our insightful discussion, you will gain invaluable insights into Scott’s latest trading strategy—an invaluable resource for individuals seeking liberation from their mundane day jobs or those yearning to break free from the monotonous rat race by securing funding from reputable proprietary firms.

Prepare to be inspired as Scott reveals his revolutionary approach that has the potential to reshape your financial future and empower you to seize control of your destiny.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @scotttaylorfx
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Recommended Book

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Scott’s ICT Trading Strategy


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Key Lessons

[12:54] You’ve got to be so laser-focused and just not give up and that’s the most important thing.

[15:40] It’s about habits, routine, system and processes. You’ve got to plan your week in advance.

[18:03] Forget the things that you want to get done. Write down the actual things that you need to do.

[18:25] If you’re not consistent in putting profit from the markets yet, you can’t rely on trading as an income.

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[20:45] It’s about finding the right mentor that can teach you about the right strategy and how to intertwine that with your lifestyle and your habits.

[31:06] Even if you’ve been a learning forex trader for like 5 to 6 years, the moment that you go into a prop firm challenge, it’s completely different psychology.

[32:07] Funding is one big thing. You’ve got to fail the challenges to go through that learning process so you can then give advice to other people later on.

[32:17] Before you go for funding, make sure you’ve got at least 3 months of consistent, live trading results in a small personal account.

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[32:26] When you’re doing the challenge, make sure that you’re taking only “on plan” trades.

[32:38] When you are in a funding challenge, that’s not a normal trading because in a real-life scenario you don’t have a time limit.

[34:15] The way that you really fix your mindset is by nailing down your routines.

[57:38] It doesn’t matter how many trades you take in a week, it’s how much profit you make at the end of the month.

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