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Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to break through the barriers that are holding you back as a trader. In this episode you get to watch me take that leap of faith in intimate detail.

I jumped at the opportunity to experience a live transformational session with Mind Muscles Academy founder, ex-floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and NLP expert, Richard Friesen, to see if he could banish my trading psychology hang ups once and for all.

Richard works with financial professionals and independent traders. He’s also a seasoned financial software developer and entrepreneur.

Podcast Interview


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See How Richard Discovered What Was Holding Me Back From Trading Success

Key Lessons

  • [12:21] If we had a major drop in the exchange, we would be out of business and I don’t play that game.
  • [14:39] Every tick in a trade that goes your way, you go – “Yes! My dream is coming true!” But every tick against you – “Oh my God!”. You may not even realize it but subconsciously this is a threat to your dream.
  • [17:07] What was the moment where that feeling of stoked-ness, that just wonderful feeling, where was that? Can you identify it?
  • [18:49] Feel that realization that you are on to something and go back and be in that time and let’s rewind the tape and just step on that moment in the present tense so we can feel it fully and completely.
  • [19:36] Turning point of your life, feels really good. Doesn’t it?
  • [26:31] If we have really big dreams and we’ve worked really hard for them when those dreams start to get filled, all of the sudden that feels so good because it’s filling this empty part of our heart.

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  • [27:55] By experimenting, by going off your system, that took you back to your comfort zone.
  • [32:29] The struggle is a big part of most traders’ life.
  • [40:12] You keep him safe by keeping him in a struggle, so he doesn’t have to face the bigger fears, is that right?
  • [43:25] What does anger do for trading success?
  • [50:56] Trading is so different, it’s not the real world. Trading requires a whole different set of behaviors.
  • [54:40] Transformation is about expanding our menu of choices so that in those moments we can make choices that serve us better, they feel better at the moment and honor our values.

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