With $1500, Rag (full name: Raghav Tewathia) started trading equities when he was just 15. Four years later we have him on the show with an amazing “Rags” (excuse the pun) to Riches story.

At this young age he realized the conventional education system would not provide him with the tools he needed to achieve the lifestyle he desired.

He made the move from Stocks to Forex/Gold and now trades mainly Gold and USDJPY with a pure naked trading strategy that has an unheard off 95% winning rate and a risk to reward ratio that is out of this world!

And to top it all off… He’s done this all before turning 20 (the time when most of us are starting our first real job).

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How he compounded his account to 400% in 3 weeks
  • The strategies you should learn to become a more diverse trader
  • How he succeeded in Forex trading and how you can achieve that too
  • What’s the “Forex family” and why it’s different
  • How to understanding what the time frames are telling you
  • His simple strategy to winning every trade
  • The reason why he’s so good in cutting his losses
  • How you can benefit from stacking trades
  • Things you need to focus on to be successful
  • Why you fail big time and how you can deal with it to start your trading career
  • What currency pair newbie traders like (it’s the one you should focus on trading)
  • One thing a retail trader should master

Rag also shares with us a simple strategy he pal uses to consistently win in the markets.

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