After watching Wall Street, the movie, Aussie born (now UK resident) Nick Bencino ended up winning his school’s trading competition called the Stock Market Game, at age 15. During class hours, Nick would sit at the back of the classroom with his laptop (not to take notes) but to trade.

Nick started his trading career way back 2001 and became profitable in 2006. He also started a website called Forex4Noobs where shows others what he does.

These days Nick has true perspective and enjoys the fruits of his trading success, over and above anything else.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The 3 core skills you should master to become a successful trader
  • The hidden benefits of being a trader
  • One key trait you must have
  • A simple trick to improve and win more trades
  • One trick that’s essential to your success as a trader
  • 4 great nuggets for newbie traders
  • Simple and effective strategy Nick’s been using which you can learn and apply to your own trading
  • How the news affects the Forex market and why you should ignore it
  • 3 recommendations you can follow when reading price charts
  • Nick’s favorite and profitable entry setup

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