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Are you ready to unleash your earning potential and revolutionize the way you approach trading?

Look no further! Our expert guest, Nate Williams, has done just that. With his background as a former Amazon tech giant employee and full-time manual and algo-trader, he shares his secret to success.

By combining his market knowledge with his coding skills, he’s been able to automate his trading strategies, earning consistent profits each day while freeing up time to live life on his terms. That’s right, he’s turned his trading day into just three hours or less.

So, are you ready to learn how to do the same? Tune in to hear Nate’s full story and see his ICT auto-trading bot in action. The future of trading starts now!

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Key Lessons

[16:52] It’s all about time freedom.

[17:03] It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you keep.

[17:36] With that time of freedom, you can make your schedule around your life.

[20:05] If you consume yourself on the charts, you get to the point where you are burnt out.

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[23:32] Focusing on one pair allows you to understand the tendencies of that pair.

[23:43] Understanding the cycles of that pair is understanding more of that pair and how it works. Therefore, it allows you to be more successful long term.

[27:36] You’ve got to figure out how to balance your schedule.

[28:28] If you have the opportunity to go part-time, get to the point where you can have your income (or more) in a trade.

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[40:47] You should have a steady regimen of doing backtesting, homework, and exams yourself.

[41:01] Chart time is the only way that you’re going to get to the point where you want to get $300 a day, $500 a month, making a monthly salary.

[44:13] Take it seriously and do not focus on someone else’s journey or success.

[44:41] Focus on your own and focus on your journey.

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