Moritz Czubatinski was a former poker player who transformed himself into a profitable day trader trading Forex and Futures market.

Knowing that the poker world is getting tougher and tougher every single day, he began searching for other easier ways to earn money. Destiny calls when one of the guys from his small group told him about Forex and he immediately fell into it. He became attracted to trading after seeing the unlimited earning potential and the fact that the market does not change as fast as in the poker world.

Moritz studied how to trade and equipped himself with as much trading knowledge as he could. In fact, he read more than 300 books just to educate himself about trading.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Why scaling in and out isn’t useful at all
  • How to use ATR in your trading effectively
  • Calculating pivot points and using them as your profit targets
  • The importance of having a trading journal especially for newbie traders + tips
  • Getting yourself statistically and emotionally fit during your trades
  • The secret recipe that Moritz is using that makes him unique
  • A simple yet very powerful tip for all aspiring traders
  • The best way to educate yourself about trading
  • A trading hack for traders with day jobs

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