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Kieran will never message you first. He doesn’t run any trading services or signals.

Unless you hear his voice in a personalized message, it is NOT him.

Nothing goes past a good recommendation, so when past guest Pips of Persia thought long and hard about who he would recommend as a future guest on the show I knew it was bound to be good.

Meet Kieran Davis, a 22 year old Forex and Crypto trader from the UK who found his way in life after finding Forex through a handful of chance encounters.

What surprised me most about Kieran was his breadth of knowledge and experience at such a young age – especially when it came to explaining how banks and institutions manipulate the market to get the best price.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @IKDavis
YouTube – Master of Coin

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MetaTrader 4


Kieran’s Trading Strategy Part 1

Kieran’s Trading Strategy Part 2

Key Lessons

[06:55] You can actually lose a lot more than you win and still be very, very profitable once you have the right risk management.

[07:06] Trading is literally 10% skillset and 90% mentality.

[13:26] Get clear on exactly what you want.

[25:19] Self-awareness is super powerful.

[26:00] If you’re not willing to eat dirt for a long time, don’t do it.

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[26:14] Pain plus reflection equals progress.

[27:31] The way of making money in the market is by not trying to not make money in the market.

[27:45] A lot of people can get blinded by the money.

[27:47] There’s a lot of money to be made in the market but, then again, there’s a lot of money that can be lost in the market.

[27:57] Once you managed your risk, naturally your profits will come in line.

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[30:11] Make sure your mind’s right. Make sure you’re in an abundance state.

[31:12] Focus on yourself, your setup, and your mindset.

[34:38] The key to solving your problems in trading is not solving just one problem, it’s solving all of your problems.

[39:33] Find someone who has exactly what you want and do exactly what they do.

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