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As traders there’s one major hurdle to overcome that other humans can happily ignore:

You have to take away any connection with the money you are trading.

After interviewing near on 200 traders I’ve found there are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Come up with elaborate tactics to remove money from the equation – this was seen clearly in the webinar I did with Mario Hennenberger where he used 3-5 techniques to remove money from his line of sight, leaving him only to deal with the position.
  2. Get to the root of your relationship with money and fix it forever – this is what we discuss in this interview with past guest Judy van Niekerk

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[08:28] If you are trading, ask yourself “do you love money”?

[09:18] You cannot get sustainable profitability or sustainable success in trading if you do not love money.

[10:06] The more which you can love and embrace money and wealth, the greater you are in terms of your self-worth.

[12:44] Money is nothing but the physical manifestation of spirit.

[14:25] The more which you are self-aware, the more which you will actually be successful in trading.

[14:59] There’s no better way to compound your wealth than Forex trading.

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[19:17] The higher your self-worth, the more powerful and supportive your beliefs are.

[21:54] Whatever is in our life externally is just an absolute nerve reflection of what’s going on inside.

[23:17] Our language and the words that we use are the greatest, the biggest, and the most powerful insight into what we really genuinely believe.

[29:40] You need to be able to 100% honest with yourself.

[36:07] Whatever is coming up in your trading is what’s going on in your life and then when you deal with that in your trading, it’s gonna impact all areas in your life.

[37:04] Life changes when you get trading right.

[39:11] Everyone has a divine right to great wealth.

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[40:38] We all know that we cannot be right, the market’s always right, we’re never right.

[43:24] Start applying a business mindset to your trading.

[44:12] Trading is 100% a business.

[46:33] You need to be mindful of the amount of time you are putting into trading.

[47:36] There’s no business in the planet that does not have cost of sales, not one, and that includes trading.

[49:10] Master one strategy at a time. Master it, earn it.

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