Josh, the first trader I’ve had on here from Cameroon, appeared on my radar after consistently predicting solid multi R moves in the Trading Nut chat room.

Which means, unless you’re in the chat room you’ve probably never heard of him.

But that’s a “good thing”. Because you’ll be blown away by the level of market knowledge and understanding Josh brings to the table.

Not just that, Josh also has a solid understanding of the mindset required to tackle the markets and is able to relay this to you in an easily digestible manner… which you’ll hear in today’s show.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @josh2021fx

Telegram – billion_dollarfx

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Recommended Book

The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

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IC Markets
MetaTrader 4


Josh’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[33:29] You cannot become part of the elites if you do not take studies or back testing seriously.

[34:40] You only get better by making mistakes.

[35:09] The more you do back testing, the more your eyes begin to catch certain price patterns.

[41:25] You need to master the trend.

[41:39] Market structure is the base of any strategy out there.

[41:51] If your knowledge of market structure is messed up, you’re not going to go far in this journey.

[42:11] Understand where the liquidity is resting in the market.

[42:51] Understand points of interest.

[43:19] The market is always going to gravitate to an area of liquidity.

[44:43] The very first thing that you need to know is to understand yourself.

[53:41] Work according to your pace and be in competition only with yourself.

[53:46] Your principal goal as a trader is for you to become better than you were yesterday.

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