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What surprised me the most about Jayson Casper’s trading was that his sole focus was on traded ranges. Yes, forget breakout trading, trend trading, but find the most common occurrence “a range” and trade the heck out of it!

But get this, it still allows him to catch the best breakouts and trends… “How so?” I hear you say. Well, all is reveled in this interview and magnificent chart breakdown where you’ll also learn the “Butt Cheek” pattern, which gets him in virtually every trades.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @jaysoncasper.crypto
Twitter – @jayson_casper
YouTube – @JaysonCasper
Website – JaysonCasperTrading.com

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Jayson’s Range Trading Strategy Video


Key Lessons

[08:21] Anything that you can buy and sell and not actually physically hold cold be a Ponzi scheme.

[09:10] You can’t eat Bitcoin and if there’s no food in the supermarket, no one cares that you have Bitcoin.

[11:11] Crypto is so volatile. You can get some pretty good trades, almost every day, trading just Bitcoin alone.

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[23:34] Every single month you have to withdraw your profits, otherwise you can get greedy and stuff.

[25:48 You have to find these hacks that can allow you to trade without emotion.

[27:17] If you are really sticking to a process of using good risk management and sticking to the strategy that you have made for yourself, you’re at least not going to blow your account.

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[36:18] Make rules that you follow because you are an emotional person, and you are going to get wrecked if you think you can do this just by doing and not having a criteria to get you in a trade.

[37:45] Never stop learning different philosophies about trading.

[40:40] Use good risk management because this is a game of probability.

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