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James Ford is one of those anomalies in trading. He managed to avoid all the hype, focus on himself and the markets; and find his way into a professional Forex trading career.

Aside from this James claimed the title of the “King of Market Structure”. You’ll see exactly why when you watch the video we shot below.

One of the good guys on Instagram with a massive following, James is here to help. No flash cars, watches or million dollar homes… just charts.

Learn, learn, earn people!

Podcast Interview


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James Explains His Take On Market Structure

Key Lessons

[07:03] I kept basically, recording my losses, learning from my losses, and learning where I’m trying to do as best as possible to learn where I was going wrong.

[07:24] You can learn from the market, learn from your losses, or you can learn from a mentor.

[07:59] It took me about 2 years of process of actually getting to the consistency stage.

[14:02] The one thing that I stress and that I highlight the most is backtesting. It’s so powerful and it will enable you to work how it will work for you as a person.

[14:53] My most important rule is just keep it as simple as possible.

[15:57] Trading for me is a numbers game.

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[16:51] You can read so much just from the price action that the market is showing you.

[18:01] Trade management is very important. It eliminates your psychological state from the market, and you can also maximize your profit from the market.

[19:41] By focusing on too many markets you’re just going to be confusing yourself.

[23:31] You must backtest to see what markets work best for you, what market’s best for your timeframe, and what markets work best for your timezone.

[26:26] You don’t need to be on the charts all the time.

James Ford Quote 3

[26:42] Focus on yourself, forget everyone else.

[27:06] Focus on yourself, focus on the higher timeframe, and focus when you can be at the charts.

[30:14] You compete with nobody but yourself. You’re here to grow your account.

[34:54] You need to make sure that the trading style works for you.

[37:04] The only way you can be a mentor is if you’ve experienced all the things that you are advising somebody not to do.

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