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All it needs is a break. Just one run in with the right person and things can change forever.

My guest this week, who trades under the name “Habby Forex”, is a Nigerian trader who was lucky enough to find the right investor early on in his career, well before the rise in popularity of funded trader programs. This one piece of luck, along with all the study he had undertaken, put Habby in the prime position to succeed.

To hear his story, and learn how he trained himself to trade with only a 20 pip stop loss… take a gander below.

Podcast Interview


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Recommended Books

Breaking the Economic Mist as a Nigerian Youth by Damilare Ogundare
Surviving a Downturn by Jeremy Kourdi

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Habby’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[23:23] It’s easier to flip less money.

[36:21] Analyze the market. Spend time on the charts, learning things every day.

[38:54] When you focus more on the knowledge, the money will come.

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[40:05] Not everybody has a winning mindset. Not everybody has the mindset to keep pushing.

[40:28] You need to start thinking like a winner.

[44:20] When you learn those mistakes, never make those mistakes again.

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[50:24] In trading, if you have the knowledge, you can never probably be broke anymore.

[51:45] Follow mentors that inspire you and don’t be jealous of their lifestyle.

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