Introducing Ethan Garland, a highly accomplished Forex trader with a remarkable funding of $600,000. Specializing in ICT and Smart Money Concept styles, Ethan has devised an exceptional 1-minute trading strategy based on ICT concepts, boasting an impressive win rate during the New York session.

Discover Ethan’s inspiring journey and gain invaluable insights by listening to our engaging podcast. Additionally, don’t miss the captivating video where he unveils the intricacies of his 1-minute trading strategy.

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Podcast Interview


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Ethan’s 1 Minute ICT Based Trading Strategy


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Key Lessons

[07:54] You have to have something that you’re running towards and something you’re running away from.

[08:46] You have to be really strong psychologically to deal with friends and family who doubt you, who judge you.

[11:10] Visions can turn to greed as well and people get blinded by that.

[12:11] You need people that get excited for ideas and will support you in what you’re doing.

[13:00] Your psychology needs to be very positive when it comes to trading and you need to have a good mental state.

[13:23] If you can find people that give you constructive criticism, build you up instead of break you down and work with you as a team, it’s very important in your journey as a trader.

[20:44] You can add certain layers of discretion to your strategy that can improve your win rate.

[40:39] Get that first withdrawal and get the refund as quickly as you can. Don’t get greedy.

[41:37] A lot of traders talk about “invest what you can afford to lose” but when there’s literally nothing to lose, then how can you not follow your trading plan.

[43:30] Have a plan and stick to it.

[50:31] As long as you’ve got a plan and you follow the plan; you will be profitable.

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