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While I was frittering my days away asleep in my university library in the 90’s, with little in the way of access to the internet (may I add in my defense), I look back and think “What a wasted opportunity”.

My guest, Eli Semedo, is having quite a different… and much, much more productive college experience. Aided, might I add, by free and easy access to the Internet along with a thriving online trading industry… Please… I’m not bitter… LOL!

What’s really amazing is how Eli has managed to unpack the markets to such a degree that he hardly ever losses and, even more astounding, his trading only takes about an hour a day. Leaving him time for his studies and sports alongside helping the people of his home nation, Cape Verde, get ahead using his unique knowledge of the markets.

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Candlestick Patterns for Profit by JD Lasinger
The Market Makers by Daniel Spulber

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Eli’s Trading Forex Strategy

Key Lessons

[07:58] The day that I introduce myself to market makers, that’s when I start seeing some different impact on my trading.

[08:39] My frustration was increasing because I was building my account slowly and then suddenly, I blew up that again.

[11:32] After I start chasing the knowledge about market makers and how to deal with emotion, that’s when I start seeing some consistency.

[12:53] Every time the market consolidates, the main point is to take both sides of the contraction before it goes into the trend.

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[13:35] I start noticing that there’s a couple of candles in the market that give you indications that millionaires, hedge funds, or banks are getting to the market.

[15:22] I’m a trader focusing on precision. Perfect entries give you the big rewards so you can increase your lot size and keep your stop-losses tight.

[16:36] Now, I’m focusing on Bitcoin, GBPUSD, US30, Gold, USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURUSD, and USDCAD.

[19:20] I wait until the market gets to my zone and if it doesn’t, I just don’t trade it at all.

[21:08] Understanding the pattern of a currency, it will give an edge.

[22:48] Focus on the market phases and then get into smart money because that’s how big players, banks and institutions trade.

[22:50] If you understand how billionaires trade, you don’t want to compete against them, you should ride the wave with them.

[23:26] Try not to focus on the amount that you’re making, just try to focus on a certain amount to make every single day.

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