Joining the list of past World Cup Trading Championship high ranking contestants who have been on the show is Cristian Franchi, who (at the time of writing) is coming 2nd in the global challenge and 5th in the Forex only challenge.

Regardless, his results have been outstanding. Generating on average, over 100% return in both challenges this year.

While Cristian has created algos that place the trades for him, even if you’re not an algo trader, you’ll get many lessons from this episode. Not just on how to compete in the World Cup, but how to find and capitalize on an edge that others may not.


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Podcast Interview


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World Cup Trading Championship

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Key Lessons

[18:47] A lot of markets have different behavior.

[26:09] When stops are too tight, most of the times, you end up missing opportunities.

[33:44] It’s better to read the correlations between commodities and currencies.

[43:28] Do not aim at winning it [World Cup Trading Championship]. Aim at surviving it.

[44:32] There’s only one Larry Williams. There will never be another one. He has done what nobody else has done.

[45:48] Try as much as possible to accept losses as soon as you can.

[46:21] Try to get rid of the past when it’s bad, as soon as possible.

[51:36] It’s always better to have low expectations in order to have better chances to exceed them.

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