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It’s funny how things end up. I first met Cory online many moons ago when I first delved into the world of Forex. I, like many, fell in love with Forex robots (and still am to this day).

What I didn’t realize back in the day was that Cory was behind most of the ones that did well… Such as my favorite (back in the day) “Million Dollar Pips”,

Now, there were a lot that didn’t pop, but the ones Cory put out worked more often than not.

Why? Well, you’ll find out exactly why when you listen to our interview.

I wasn’t expecting Cory to be so transparent but what you’re about to hear is one of the most transparent interviews I’ve had and it’ll take you deep into the world of Forex robots.

What’s more, I’ve partnered with Cory as part of my Black Friday Sale… so if you’re looking to take one of his robots for a ride, check this out first!

Podcast Interview


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Interview Links

Cory’s Brokerage – Blaze Markets


Cory’s Forex Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[22:33] Most people just don’t want to manually trade.

[23:02] Robots are always the best in the long run.

[23:16] As long as a person uses proper risk management and they don’t do anything crazy, they can easily do better with a robot most of the time than without.

[25:24] People need to isolate their money and put it into bubbles.

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[25:55] As you gain profits, you want to pull money out.

[32:53] If you can make 1000% in a month or a day then that means you can blow your account within minutes.

[33:16] Some systems can work forever, some won’t and some will work for a long time then eventually stop.

[37:53] There’s no bad system necessarily, it’s just not right for everybody.

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[40:44] When it comes to odds in trading, it’s all odds, it’s risk-reward, it’s a numbers game.

[43:28] Sometimes, you have to pay attention also to your stop loss.

[44:34] You’re never gonna get 100% accurate results from backtest.

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