charlie burtonCharlie Burton loves skiing, martial arts, going to the gym, is a big fan of Rugby, and has been trading for over 20 years! He stumbled into the trading world when one of his financial advisers mentioned a free trading course. He took the course and learned the basics of fundamental and technical trading.

He decided to give stock trading a go, and took a few months off, was about to quit his job, then disaster hit and he lost a quarter million dollars. However, his stubbornness to succeed told him to continue his journey. He started educating himself more about trading and proper risk management.

Charlie is now a long time profitable Stock and Forex trader, has been featured on the BBC a runs where he teaches traders from all over the world.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How to adapt to the constantly changing markets
  • The reasons why your win rates change as you become a professional trader
  • Difference between the most important thing for newbie and experienced traders
  • Why it’s dangerous to trade Cryptocurrencies
  • The key trait you need to have to succeed in trading
  • What makes swing trading best for traders with a day job
  • Why you should open a live account rather than start a demo account
  • How you can get big risk-to-reward ratio trades
  • The important uses of Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Helpful tips for beginner and intermediate traders

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