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Cameron Benson is ex-military, and as a trader it really show. So methodical in his approach to everything, you’ll understand why he managed to make it in an profession so many find so hard.

But in the show he touches on one important point that some people never learn or realize. It’s something most Trading Guru’s never teach, but is so critical in what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader.

As a bonus, Cameron has broken down his full trading strategy… and done it quick enough for you to pick up everything you need in under 5 minutes.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[13:44] Take that stress off of yourself, have a plan go and forth, and have something to fall back on.

[32:59] When you take the information and you take all the rule-based pieces of that information, you can apply those rules because it’s very laid out, but there’s a lot of things sometimes where there’s gaps and you just need to fill those gaps.

[36:32] Make it your own. That’s where you’re going to find success.

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[37:26] It’s more important to know when not to take the trade than to know when to take the trade.

[46:33] Structure is probably the #1 most important aspect of trading.

[47:48] You need to be able to tell yourself a story as the market is playing out.

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[50:10] Don’t revenge trade. Don’t just get back into a trade one minute after you exit.

[52:20] Stay humble. The moment you think that you’ve figured it out, the market will very sharply remind you that you have not figured it out.

[52:30] As long as you’re trading, you’ll continue to take lessons every single day until you’re done trading.

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