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If you caught last week’s show with Alyse Amores you would have heard me mention a young trader who had placed 3rd in a very strict trading contest she ran recently. A funded account was up for grabs and the rules to win one were harder than a standard funding challenge.

The guest you see before you is Bryan Tang, a young trader from Singapore, who has come up with his own take on the popular Smart Money Concepts that allows him a 60-75% win rate vs the standard 30% that typically comes with SMC trading.

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One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore

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Key Lessons

[10:21] Every single day, it doesn’t matter whether you are trading or not, the things you do have to be exactly the same.

[19:15] Without a bias, you don’t have direction. Without direction it’s very hard for you to pinpoint where the market is trying to go.

[27:16] You can only tell how it really works by looking at just one pair every single day.

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[32:14] Your decision-making abilities are affected by the emotions that you are experiencing in the market.

[34:07] When an emotional event happens to our brain we tend to remember and it’s more significant in our memory.

[36:03] The market won’t lie to you. The price doesn’t lie to you.

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[39:54] You’re not to run away with your emotions. You have to understand your emotion.

[42:19] The whole concept of meditation is to allow yourself to be more present and able to make better decision in the market.

[48:33] Being very mechanical. Being consistent. Find a trading setup that you can easily replicate day and night.

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