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Introducing Ben, a British forex trader who has graciously chosen to share his remarkable transformation from an inexperienced novice to an accomplished and consistently profitable trader.

Inspired by his ardent following of this esteemed podcast, Ben has adeptly incorporated invaluable insights from the show into his trading endeavors.

In this compelling account, he candidly explores the triumphs and setbacks encountered throughout his personal journey, thereby demonstrating that triumph in the trading world is within reach for anyone.

Discover precisely how you too can pave your path to success by delving into Ben’s illuminating narrative.

Podcast Interview


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Twitter – @Freedompipsfx

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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

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Key Lessons

[12:39] Any technical strategy can work if you incorporate correct risk management.

[13:32] If something doesn’t make logical sense to you and you don’t have full belief on why this is happening, then how are you going to increase your size?

[21:00] Trading isn’t like one AHA moment, it’s like collection of hundreds of AHA moments.

[24:38] You need to have points where you’re taking profit and you need to stick to it religiously.

[28:09] Every strategy works and every strategy doesn’t work and you just need to cover yourself when it doesn’t work.

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[31:04] That’s all you need. One winning trade a day. That’s all you need.

[34:26] The real challenge in trading is managing and doing everything correctly while your position size is ten times higher.

[38:17] That’s what you need to practice, total emotional detachment to the trade.

[42:45] Emotional management is what separates good traders from very good traders.

[55:49] Trading isn’t hard. It doesn’t need to be so hard. It’s hard because you need the experience.

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