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Well it doesn’t get more unique than this, in the trading world!

Jim Bartelloni (aka Bart) an ex-Top Gun pilot (yes, you’ll hear his thoughts on the original Top Gun movie in the show), turned his hand to trading and stumbled down one hell of a rabbit hole. You’ll see that results of that rabbit hole excursion in the chart breakdown we did after the show. Let’s just say it involves moon phases, measured moves and a physical compass… yes, he actually has one that he uses for his charting!

On top of all this uniqueness, Bart gives you a bunch of good advice from his 10+ years in the markets, that you can implement in your own trading.

Podcast Interview


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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
How to Profit from Pattern Recognition by Larry Pesavento
The Secret Science of Stock Market by Michael Jenkins
Philomath by Robert Edward Grant
The 30-Second Jewel by Constance Brown

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Bart’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[27:20] Stopping yourself out of your personal stop loss is mentally worse than any dollar amount that you can lose.

[27:30] You never want to mentally stop yourself out so whatever position you think you want to do, take half off.

[34:56] If you can figure out where you are in the dance, you’re going to be able to manage your risk well.

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[36:27] Lengthen you time, minimize the size of your position, and just learn some basic technical analysis.

[37:25] Get your mind right that you’re going to lose money.

[38:56] You’re not going to make any money until these patterns become yours.

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[39:12] You need to trust your edge and you need to trust the fact that your edge is not going to be right 100% of the time.

[47:47] Elliott Wave is great. Learn the correction.

[57:53] Pick up multiple people, multiple different types of techniques but also you need to have your own and keep it simple.

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