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Taking just one course in this industry and finding success can mean only one of two things. Either the course was solid and you actually followed what the mentor taught without questioning anything, or you used the new found knowledge, practiced it until it was burnt into your brain so you discovered the nuances’ in order for it to work for you.

In this interview you’ll find out what course Angelo Ciaramello took that allowed him to become a full time Forex trader, and the evolution he made as a trader after taking the course.

Plus, Angelo shares how he trades now, which is very different from where he began, in an amazingly detailed video.

Podcast Interview


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Angelo’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[08:53] Psychology was certainly the hardest thing to get over.

[09:28] Psychology is everything.

[19:37] Always keep an open mind. Always continue and try to learn.

[21:54] The relationship between the mentor and the student isn’t for the student to stay always underneath the mentor, it’s for the student to surpass the mentor in time.

angelo ciaramello quote 1

[29:19] Follow a leader that provides results.

[30:14] You can’t become a master at something by focusing on 10 different things.

[31:45] The information is simple. It’s you, you need to unpack the complexity within yourself.

[33:23] The average person wants this to happen very fast and you have to legitimately change to be able to withstand everything going on.

angelo ciaramello quote 1

[34:23] You need to have conviction in everything that you’re doing.

[40:25] You can shorten those timelines. They’ve just come down to building those habits and having the right information.

[42:11] Understand the pattern, understand the candlesticks, and identify the trend.

[42:38] You have to understand yourself.

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