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When your average stake in Bitcoin is $358 and it’s now hovering around the $60k mark you’re considered a Crypto Whale in my eyes and many others.

Andy Peters took the bold decision to dive head first into Crypto when it first came out and his bet paid off… Big Time!

But what I found strange was why Andy made the shift to Forex after doing so well in Crypto. Today you’ll find out his reasoning, and if you watch the videos you’ll see how he trades both as well.

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Podcast Interview


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Andy’s Trading Strategy Explained

Forex Trading Strategy

Crypto Trading Strategy – COMING SOON!

Key Lessons

[06:35] A lot of people think that forex moves fast.

[07:20] As far as the Bitcoin side of things, there wasn’t much education because you’re just buying it.

[12:29] If you can afford any part of Bitcoin, you need to buy it now.

[16:52] Cryptocurrency is fun but, you may buy a coin, you’re setting on it, and then it pumps 2 months later, sometimes a year and a half or two years later. Whilst with Forex you can make money now.

[18:19] Don’t let it [Forex] control your life, but actually, take your trades seriously.

[20:16] If you’re risking 1% of your account and you boil that account, that means you lost 100 trades in a row. You need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what you did wrong.

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[21:50] Every time they have a true loss or a big loss is because they got bored.

[29:07] If you can just bust an $1800 to $2000 a week, you’re making good money.

[35:55] If you’re going into a 5-9, in a business that has 5000 employees, you’re doing what 5000 other people are doing. Do something different.

[37:40] Journaling is important.

[37:56] You gonna have to have money to make more money.

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[38:52] Watch the chart like a movie.

[40:16] Psychology is everything.

[41:16] You have to detach yourself from money.

[42:10] There’s absolutely no way you can lose if you’re following the rules that you set for yourself.

[46:09] If you got a dream and you want to be successful in the foreign exchange market, keep pursuing your dream.

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