Ali CrooksAli Crooks found his fortune in trading after some misfortune in business. His frustrations with business led Ali to look for an alternative source of income. One that did not involve other people, i.e. his business partner. He stumbled upon trading at a local investing club and hasn’t looked back since.

Ali’s original trading goal was just £650 a month (to cover rent and bills). Two long years later this modest goal was in hand and 15 years on he’s still a profitable trader. These days Ali teaches others how its done through his business, Traders Support Club.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • What makes trading a “Good Business
  • Having one strategies versus multiple strategies
  • The easiest swing trading strategy
  • A simple exercise that will surely keep you focus on trading
  • A tip that will keep you organized and have better trades
  • How you should be analyzing the markets
  • The greatest skill every trader should master
  • Ali’s Cryptocurrency insights
  • How you can become a successful trader even if you have a day job
  • One of the reasons why most traders aren’t profitable

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