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Alex Lera probably has one of the strangest stories as to how she fell into trading. It happened at the beach and she never looked back.

An ICT style trader, known for her simplification of techniques and clear explanations, Alex’s repertoire of trading tips doesn’t end there. The best one she drops in the show is a way for you to get rid of FOMO. Another helps you understand how to take profit.

This episode is packed full of nuggets, so make sure you listen to the whole thing.

Plus, watch the charting video we recorded after to find out how Alex traded ICT “her simplified way”.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @true_lera
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Telegram – @true_lera

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Key Lessons

[09:38] Charts are like books. Full of words and sentences. They will have a certain meaning if you’ll use them in a certain context.

[35:46] Whenever you have a time limit set by someone else to accomplish the target, you will always stumble.

[43:23] Trying to do good in a very complex environment with very complex methods, it’s going to make being successful a lot harder.

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[55:26] That’ a loss, it’s part of the game. Accept it because no system is 100% bullet-proof.

[56:32] Pay attention to what you feel when you open a chart.

[56:35] Pay attention to the urge that you feel of being in a move that is happening right now.

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[56:55] Focus on understanding market structures from a time and price perspective.

[57:37] Master yourself. Try to pay attention of all those urges that push you to push the button when you know you’re not supposed to.

[57:53] Your heart wouldn’t be racing when you open a trade if you have a rule-based strategy that you know you follow.

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