4 Mechanical Index Trading Strategies Using Heiken Ashi, Gaps and Reversals 177mins

Alberto Pallotta walks you through 4 index trading strategies that’ll help you trade DAX, SP500, NASDAX and more with confidence.


Video 1: Heiken Ashi Strategy

Lesson 1 – Understanding Heiken Ashi Candlesticks

  • Learning why and how Heiken Ashi Candlesticks work
  • Understanding exactly what HA candlesticks tell you about the pric
  • Know how to use them to determine a trend

Lesson 2 – Reversal Strategy Using Heiken Ashi Candlesticks

  • Understanding the philosophy behind the Heiken Ashi Reversal Strategy
  • The step-by-step guide on using the Heiken Ashi Reversal Strategy
  • Rules for entries, stop loss, and profit targets
  • Exactly when to modify the stop loss
  • Knowing the best time to exit and take profit
  • How to filter out bad tades
  • Some considerations when trading with the Heiken Ashi Reversal Strategy


Video 2: Reversal Strategy

Introduction to Reversal and Breakout Strategies

  • Reversal and Breakout strategies explained
  • Trading the trending market using the Breakout Strategy
  • Why you should have a larger Stop Loss when you are reversal trading
  • Understanding what a “fakeout” is
  • The reason you’re more likely to hit your profit target with a reversal strategy

Lesson 1 – Why Reversal Strategy Works Better on Indices

  • Things to consider when buying or selling an index

Lesson 2 – The Reversal Strategy Rules

  • Step by step rules of the reversal strategy
  • Where to set the stop loss and profit targets
  • Aggressive version explained
  • What to do after getting stopped out
  • How to spot too much volatility, and what to do


Video 3: Gap Fill Strategy

Lesson 1 – How Gap Fill Strategy Works

  • Knowing the main purpose of the Gap Fill strategy
  • Step by step explanation of the whole Gap Fill strategy
  • How to use more discretion when applying this strategy
  • How to modifying the stop loss after hitting the first profit target

Lesson 2 – Applying Gap Fill Strategy on the Chart

  • Chart examples of the Gap Fill strategy


Video 4: Gap Continuation Strategy

Lesson 1 – Simple Overview of the Gap Continuation Strategy

  • Why it’s so profitable
  • Learn simple rules to identify a trend
  • The setup for the Stop Loss and the Target Profit
  • Spotting a fake and real breakout

Lesson 2 – How to Trade the Gap Continuation Strategy

  • Understanding if a gap is big enough to take a trade
  • Determining whether the momentum is still strong or starting to fail
  • Thoughts on trading short Indices
  • Example of trading strategies you should avoid


Bonus: Alberto's View On Market Complexity

  • Understanding the ideas behind Alberto’s trading strategies
  • Learning the philosophical problems behind the financial market
  • What makes the financial market complex and the reasons why it’s the best place to trade


Alberto Pallotta

Professional Futures, Stock & Options Trader Using Discretionary & Algorithmic Methods

Alberto has been trading full time since 2004. He’s proficient in trading futures, stocks and options using both discretionary and algorithmic methods.

He also holds a Masters in Financial Mathematics and a Certificate in Quantitative Finance from the Fitch Group.

And has created quantitative strategies for hedge funds and prop trading firms across Europe and the UK. He now works alongside Andy Demi at the London Trading Group.

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