Recommended Trading Books

A relatively up to date list of books recommended by guests on the show (in no particular order):

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Recommended by: Andrew BarnettHe ShuhanAlfonso MorenoJay AkmalNigel Hawkes

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

Recommended by: Raymond BurchettVladimir RibakovAnka Metcalf

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards & MaGee

Recommended by: Dale PinkertLara Iriarte

Market Wizards by Jack Swagger

Recommended by: Barry BurnsHans Dederle

Master the Markets by Tom Williams

Recommended by: Raman MaladziashynLeonardo Barata

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp

Recommended by: Kurt FrankenbergKevin Davey

The Microstructure Approach to Exchange Rates by Richard Lyons

Recommended by: Raman Maladziashyn


Empirical Market Microstructure by Joel Hasbrouck

Recommended by: Raman Maladziashyn


Market Microstructure Papers

Recommended by: Raman Maladziashyn

Trading Risk by Kenneth L. Grant

Recommended by: Raman Maladziashyn


Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems by Bob Pardo

Recommended by: Raman Maladziashyn


High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

Recommended by: Serge Berger


Trading is a business by Joe Ross

Recommended by: Norman Hallett


Natures Law: The secret of the universe by Ralph Nelson Elliott

Recommended by: Nicola Delic


A beginners guide to Day Trading Online by Toni Turner

Recommended by: Anka Metcalf


How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market, by Nicolas Darvas

Recommended by: Thomas Barmann


Common Sense on Mutual Funds by John Boggle

Recommended by: Dr. Alan Ellman


Dynamic Trading by Robert Miner

Recommended by: Carolyn Boroden


Long Term Secrets To Short Term Trading by Larry Williams

Recommended by: Andrea Unger


Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder

Recommended by: Ryan Mallory


Truth of the Stock Tape by William D. Gann

Recommended by: Peter Goodburn


Come into my trading room by Alexander Elder

Recommended by: Tim Rea


Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems by Kevin Davey

Recommended by: Kevin Davey


Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies by Linda Bradford Raschke

Recommended by: Steve Primo


The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, by John Coates

Recommended by: 50 Pips


Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians, by Charles D. Kirkpatrick II

Recommended by: Lara Iriarte


Golf is not a game of perfect, by Dr. Bob Rotella

Recommended by: Peter Davies


From Dairy Framer to Forex Trader by Andrew Mitchem

Recommended by: Andrew Mitchem


Quantitative Trading by Ernie Chan

Recommended by: Ernie Chan


Algorithmic Trading by Ernie Chan

Recommended by: Ernie Chan


Algorithmic & High Frequency Trading by Álvaro Cartea

Recommended by: Ernie Chan


Option Trading: Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques by Euan Sinclair

Recommended by: Ernie Chan


Pattern Probability Strategies by Curtis Arnold

Recommended by: Nick Radge

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